Speaking from the heart

It is never easy to directly say things from your heart, no matter how straight forward a person you are. It is not simply just uttering words that you feel like saying. It is in composing yourself to accept the consequences when those words are shared.

No, I’m not referring to venomous spewing of words in a fit of anger or the unveiling of your feelings when you’re a little tipsy. Often times, it would result in ferocious apologies but nonetheless a crack is formed.

But when you make a conscientious choice to open up to voice your inner self, there’s a sense of liberation. While the after effect may be dire, you feel no apology is needed. It is your opinion of situations perceived from your point of view. It is neither a judgment nor criticism.

Or you could just say nothing.

And let it pass. But it is not the same as letting it go.

If you choose to say nothing, it will eat you up inside. It will challenge your sense of realism. It will alter your state of mind. And soon, you find that you’re not the same person as before. Everything about you is of what other dictate you to be. Whatever becomes your answer to everything.

Gradually, you wither. You fail to exercise acumen. Finally, you fail.

don't mind


Earth Hour? Or Earth Daily?

earthhourBy now, 3/4 of earth have already observed Earth Hour. And thanks to Facebook, we get updates every half since Samoa switched off more than 20 hours ago (Samoa was the first country to observe Earth Hour).

Since 2007 switch-off in Sydney, this movement has become global. So every last Saturday of March each year, we have Earth Hour.

The movement is not without merits, otherwise it wouldn’t have the support of UN and becoming a global annual event.

I for one have become more aware of the virtues of turning off electricity when there’s no use for it. But I also acquired this habit when I was a kid at school. Or like not wasting water.

With Earth Hour, we’re getting businesses to participate, such as hotels, restaurants and even TV stations. Around the world, we celebrate Earth Hour by staging public events, handing out 60+ t-shirts, and even getting celebrities to endorse the occasion. All good if it can convert people who participate to make it a daily habit, much like brushing your teeth when you wake.

I hope it doesn’t become one huge annual bash and that establishments take it as publicity stunts. Have all these outlets that publicly support Earth Hour practice on regular basis? I’m sure there’s studies available but at the same time, perhaps these outlets should also do a checklist on how Earth Hour has affected them. For example, have they converted to using power saving light bulbs or LED lightings? If not, why?

For kids, are they turning off light when they leave their rooms? Has it become a habit? Are commercial buildings switching over to more energy-efficient systems to power up?

I guess the ‘Plus’ this year was ‘IWIYW’, as in ‘I will if you will’. Strange tagline…what if I say I won’t? Maybe it should be ‘IHHY?’, as in ‘I have, have you?’.

One suggestion is for schools to continually celebrate Earth Hour by implementing a monthly session, such as, think of ways to study or do things without having to turn on electricity. Expanding it, business establishment can also do likewise. Speaking of preservation and carbon footprint reduction, tech firms and companies that rely on computers (pretty much all) may also want to practice Earth Hour but on a more regular basis, like fortnightly or even weekly. If this can be achieved, I believe the annual event will become even more significant.

For that matter, mobile devices makers should really look into higher capacity batteries so that we don’t need to charge all the time, and then buy more chargers to charge while on the move.

I know every kWh counts and that Earth Hour has shown what can be saved by just turning off electricity for one hour. Imagine what can be achieved if you multiply this hour by 52 (for weeks) on a global scale. Imagine.

~ lty ~