Guns and Sex


Wikipedia: Human rights are “commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being.

If America is so concerned about human rights in developing nations, often speaking of jailed dissidents and journalists, treatment of their peoples, etc, then why is it so difficult to give rights to same-sex humans wanting legally recognized partnership? On the other hand, it is ok to let citizens bear arms.

Armed or not be Armed – is it really a question?

Back then, you had real enemies, it was called Civil war…hence a need to bear arms. I don’t believe there’s been a case where ‘The right to bear arms’ citizens have prevented an act of terrorism where it would’ve otherwise put the country at risks whereas there have been pretty widespread cases of rampant shootings that certainly put families at risks, daily.

If most of the rest of the free world don’t allow their citizens to bear arms, does that mean all these countries are infringing on the rights of humanity?

Granted, let’s try not rock the boat too much for now, and let’s say we accept the old scripture of the 2nd Amendment as gospel truth. In this era, really, do we need to have assault weapons for self-defense? When you have AK-47, it’s no longer self-defense, it’s all out war on the ready.

America is a great country, in my opinion, having lived there for some years. I admire America in general for innovativeness and truly being a land of opportunities. Most things work and a good general reflection of what a 1st world nation should be. However, I feel the country is mired too much in lobbyist’s interests, the political money and the newly created Banksterism way of society.

Most of the arguments for and against tend to lean on the ultra far-right or far-left. We’re talking about the right to live and life. Self-defense is when a perp comes into your house to rob you, I think a revolver is sufficed to protect yourself. When you have gangland shootings, it’s a war. When someone comes to your house with the intent to shoot you, it’s pre-meditated, maybe you should sort out your shit with this person.

But for a moment, let’s close our eyes and ponder, will lack of firearms be safer or more dangerous for society in general, I think we will have the answer.


equalitySame-sex Union

what’s so bad about same-sex marriage, especially in today’s context? We have no choice in how we were born, inside and out. In the past, I know of gay friends that come in and out of relationships, putting their lifestyle to scrutiny. Not so different for heterosexuals, A-type males, and some females, on a ‘conquest’ to ‘score’. Sooner or later, these A-types meet their match and they eventually get married and settle down, some still continuing with their ‘conquering’ ways. C’mon guys, admit this, even if only to yourself.

However, there come an age where we all want stability, straight, gay or asexual. We seek a soulmate and hope it will last the course of our lifetime. We enter into a legal instrument called marriage to help make this a permanent arrangement, as much as 2 people can be together. Then, of course, come all the other taxable instruments, such as properties, income taxes, alimony and legal fees.

Last checked, such instruments do not spell out specifically on gender but on arrangements. You work, you pay tax, you buy a property, you pay tax, you make capital gains, you freaking pay tax. It doesn’t say that your sexual preference affect the amount you pay, even for married couples. Let’s get on with the changing society. Actually, same-sex marriage may even help in rejuvenating the economy. Think about it. But seriously, if we’re already accepting gays into our mainstream society, so why is it so difficult to accept their union made legal?

According to Hicksville, it means condoning bestiality, sodomy and all other unnatural forms of sex. Hicksville, listen up…these acts of  carnal insertion are mostly perpetuated by heterosexuals who want more ‘creative’ ways of intercourse, and because you’re tire of your cousins. Perhaps you think gay couples will bring up gay children? Newsflash y’all, you can’t CHOOSE to be gay or un-gay. I know of friends who ‘switch’ sides when the time come; straight men and women, all married and parented, and later confronted their own sexuality, and gay friends who eventually got married to the opposite sex.

But elsewhere, societal changes have brought this issue to light and while it is not for everyone, it is something we need to accept as a modern truth, if not for any other reasons other than a freedom to choose, a freedom of choice. An inalienable rights of human beings?

~ lty ~


Price of Economic Progress?

MBSCame across this article on WSJ on a friend’s FB page, Wealth Over the Edge: Singapore – WSJ

The first thought was of pride, that Singapore has indeed moved way ahead of her neighbors in the last 48 years. I still remember the times when I went to Chinatown and see all the old shophouses and thinking, ‘wow, so old, can collapse soon. Should demolish and build spanking new highrises.’ Dream came true? Well, in part yes.

Most of the old shophouses have indeed came down making way for condominiums and commercial towers. It’s a picture-perfect moment for any visitors in Singapore, marveling at the economic miracle that is Singapore. Singapore is a top-10 destination for many surveys such as business destination, best airlines, most expensive cities, least corrupt, to name some. But where are we in terms of happiness and harmony? I”m afraid we don’t fare too well.

Are these surveys true? Depending on who you’re polling. For most of the surveys centering economic progress, most of the polls are returned from travelers that have been to Singapore, and Singapore is indeed a great place for foreigners. Lest I get accused of being anti-foreigners, let me state that I am a foreigner in a neighboring country and I am not against foreigners living in Singapore.

As for all the other holistic surveys, these are done with local Singaporeans who naturally have more grouses than most, and who can blame them. I suppose if I were living in Singapore in the heartland, I will also have these grouses. As my friend not-wrongly pointed out, what about the uncles and aunties who are merely trying to bring home some money for yet another day. MInd you, this friend is a foreigner living in Singapore.

Like most Asian cities undergoing economic transformation, we find a big segment of local commune gets displaced and left behind. Very soon, it becomes a social divide, the haves and the have-nots. The haves will of course be spending on $26,000 cocktails, A380 jets and the Ferraris. The have-nots will of course sit by the sideline and observe, plotting, planning to becoming a have. It is an unfair society and will get more unfair if the government doesn’t mediate. But what is a balance really a balance? When does unfair become fair? To both questions, I’m afraid the answer is Never. The best that can be done is not to let it tilt so much one way that it passes the tipping point.

The author of the article above is not wrong in portraying Singapore the way it did, albeit a microscopic view. The rich and famous and the wannabes exist at all levels of society and regions, no exception. If a Mongolian, given what we understand of Mongolia, or someone from a 3rd world nation, can be players in metropolises, we are truly witnessing social divide at a global scale.

Ina  couple of years, Singapore will be celebrating 50 years of independence. Quite a milestone. In all fairness (in the face of unfairness), the Singapore government has done pretty well to build and advance our tiny island state. But at what price? The progress that we’ve had cannot be reversed. Material wealth will always be uppermost in Singaporean minds. Singapore will continue reclaiming land, adding more square foots to build so that we can maintain our global position and attracting more and more of the rich and famous and the wannabes to settle in Singapore.

The one constant is that we have a stable government, one run by, if compared to most other nations, very smart people, and some exceptionally smart. But at some point, we do know that governing a nation is not just about being smart, it is also about compassion for the people it is governing.

We had a period of being led, as we didn’t have much, and we were ably led. And a whole nation’s standard was elevated. Now that we are at a different step on an unending ladder climb, what is the next step? Are more and more Singaporeans being left behind, so much so that only a smattering of us are at the top? It is always more tiring to look up than to look down and far easier to jump from a higher place. But alas, only the few of us are there.

Staring at 50 years, I’m hoping that our government and fellow Singaporeans can really take a step back and look at what we’ve achieved so far, taking stock and create a platform to debate and ponder where we want to go in the next 50 years. Now that we not only have a brilliant and smart government, we now also have a population of pretty smart people too. Perhaps this is time for our government to work alongside the people, empower our people to truly understand the vision of where we’re heading. Not just about the next 3-5 years (election speech?) but the next 10-20-30 years and the various milestones we need to meet to progress.

I guess we’ve gone past the era where force feeding was necessary. But now, I’m afraid we not only won’t be getting fois-gras, we may even end up killing the golden goose. Mind you, we the Singaporeans are the golden geese and our quaking can’t be ignored. I concede we do have a good government but can we have a better one? All Good can be Better but if you remain at Good, then it becomes mediocre. I believe you are better than that so show it.

Maybe this is the time to return to baseline and have an overview of what Singapore really needs in the next decade or two. No point standing at some random vantage points because your views may be obscured. We will never return to Simple but we can certainly define what Simple is for Singapore.

~ lty ~

Check List for my 2012 Goals

Earlier this year, I took the bold step in setting goals for myself this year. How am I doing so far? Let’s see….

Smoke less, breathe more (exercise)

Yes, I’ve reduced smoking, though not by much. Still, it’s a start. Have so far managed to reduce to under 1 pack a day, from almost 3 previously, so guess I’m doing ok. 6/10

Have not really started on any exercise regimen yet, so this is a no -no for now. Been watching Bruce Lee the Legend though, and is a great inspiration. So this will be the moved up the priority list of things to do. 2/10

Talk less, listen more

Excellent on this goal. I’ve managed so far to hold my tongue and flap my ears more. Sometimes though, it’s not easy, as some of the things people say, you simply just can’t believe it. Unexpectedly, it’s also become an exercise in restraint. Since I’ve listened more, I also begin to process more thoughts. Happy with progress. 7/10

Go out less, read more

Well, haven’t been going out less, although if any lesser, I’d be staying home!!! Have actually read a lot more, even reading books that I’ve read before some years back. Simply by reading more, you also think more. Somebody actually said this, “I feel stupid if I don’t read for 3 days”; there’s truth in this statement. 7/10

Idle less, write more

Indeed, I have been writing more, so this goal is on track. Sometimes though, the inspiration is simply not there but I do believe once you start writing, no matter how bad it is in the beginning, it will get better. Giving myself 6/10 as I need to further push myself in writing on a regular basis, which is what’s missing.

Eat less meat, more veg

This goal is GREAT. I do feel a lot healthier and feel less fatigue. I’m for sure not getting younger. Maybe I should go one level up by being a vegetarian? Hmmm….certainly worth a thought. 7/10

Open my heart, learn to love again

Failing badly. Still avoiding this subject. 1/10

Sleep earlier, wake up earlier

Inching to realizing this goal. At least I’m catching at least 6 hours of sleep. Still a long way to go though. 3/10

Adhere to a more regular schedule, adhere to regular meals

Can’t really say I’m achieving the goal I’ve set but on the way. 3/10

Be kinder & be more humble

Funny, according to my dad, for this year, this is what I need to do. Don’t think I’m aloof or arrogant but I’ve certainly given a lot more thoughts to the suffering around me. As to being humble, what can I say? I’m not the boastful sort to start with. Perhaps I’ve given more credit to others? 6/10

Be more curious

Not that I’ve been less curious. yes, I did ask more questions this year. Part of listening more? 6/10

Watch a good movie a month

Subjective as to the quality and content but I’ve watched 2 movies this year, so guess I’m achieving this goal. Not that difficult, really. 7/10

Be more aware & be more spiritual

Have definitely been thinking a lot more and measuring the thoughts with actions. 6/10

Be less cynical, be more trusting

A bit of a contradiction. By being curious, is it the same as being cynical, since I’m questioning more? Need more thoughts on this. Tricky one. 4/10

Be less dependent, be more independent

Actually, don’t know why I wrote this as a goal. Have always been independent. Or maybe I meant financial independence? 3/10

Be resolute, less sway

This is an important goal, as I suspect I have ADD. So far, I’ve kept to my hunch and gut-feel. 7/10


8/10. As I begin to trust myself more each day, I find the confidence slowly creeping back. Have to be careful though, as I may become blind to others’ advice. Keep a straight mind. Listen more and make deductions to comments made. In the end, simply believe in myself.