Trust and Faith – Paying it Forward

“Paying it Forward – performing a good deed not for immediate personal returns but hoping this good deed will inspire others to do likewise.”

Imagine the power of internet and social media were made available for Gandhi, or Mother Theresa, I think this world would intrinsically be a much better place than it is now. We do have evangelists circulating wisdom from Gandhi and Mother Theresa and we do get inspired by the words. But this pales in comparison to actually witnessing the very acts of their beliefs.

What was so amazing was that they inspired others into believing their own causes. Gandhi didn’t form a militia to stand up to tyrannies but through his own faith and resolute belief in right and wrong, and human sensibility, inspired a following to his cause. Mother Theresa didn’t engage the Vatican to spread her love and care for the lepers and diseased. She simply acted according to her own love of humanity. I don’t think she’d feel sad if no one knew what she did because I believe she did it out of her own tender heart. And the rest became history.

I came across this noble idea of charity while surfing Facebook. I called it Serving up charity. The premise of this charity is to feed the needy, without an organized form of movement. It calls for an act of random, spur of the moment contribution to helping the needy. The kind of random act that will actually put a big doofish smile on your face and bliss in your heart. The kind that you never ask for any form of physical or verbal returns from the recipient of your deed. The kind that speaks a quiet truth: trust in humankind and the faith that people are kind at heart. The kind that will inspire people to spread love and charity instead of encircling them.

Stop jumping up and down, I’m not comparing this idea or act to what Gandhi and Mother Theresa had done. But the fundamental premise is the same; the seed of belief from the heart when acted upon, propagates through the fabric of society.

But reality check here. The idea I spoke of may very well only work in Singapore, where it has an organized form of shared public eating areas. However, with a little imagination on our part, who is to say we can’t tweak it to suit your locality needs and still keep the flavor of the deed.

Along the way, you will encounter naysayers and haters. Leave them be, no use combating with their sensibility. They hold a system of beliefs that we may not understand, much like how they don’t understand ours. As long as you don’t lose faith in yours, the seed will definitely propagate.

I am very inspired by Steve Jobs and am lucky to have borne witness to his various innovations and I’d like to end by sharing the following:

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become. Everything else is secondary”

~ lty ~