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Guns and Sex


Wikipedia: Human rights are “commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being.

If America is so concerned about human rights in developing nations, often speaking of jailed dissidents and journalists, treatment of their peoples, etc, then why is it so difficult to give rights to same-sex humans wanting legally recognized partnership? On the other hand, it is ok to let citizens bear arms.

Armed or not be Armed – is it really a question?

Back then, you had real enemies, it was called Civil war…hence a need to bear arms. I don’t believe there’s been a case where ‘The right to bear arms’ citizens have prevented an act of terrorism where it would’ve otherwise put the country at risks whereas there have been pretty widespread cases of rampant shootings that certainly put families at risks, daily.

If most of the rest of the free world don’t allow their citizens to bear arms, does that mean all these countries are infringing on the rights of humanity?

Granted, let’s try not rock the boat too much for now, and let’s say we accept the old scripture of the 2nd Amendment as gospel truth. In this era, really, do we need to have assault weapons for self-defense? When you have AK-47, it’s no longer self-defense, it’s all out war on the ready.

America is a great country, in my opinion, having lived there for some years. I admire America in general for innovativeness and truly being a land of opportunities. Most things work and a good general reflection of what a 1st world nation should be. However, I feel the country is mired too much in lobbyist’s interests, the political money and the newly created Banksterism way of society.

Most of the arguments for and against tend to lean on the ultra far-right or far-left. We’re talking about the right to live and life. Self-defense is when a perp comes into your house to rob you, I think a revolver is sufficed to protect yourself. When you have gangland shootings, it’s a war. When someone comes to your house with the intent to shoot you, it’s pre-meditated, maybe you should sort out your shit with this person.

But for a moment, let’s close our eyes and ponder, will lack of firearms be safer or more dangerous for society in general, I think we will have the answer.


equalitySame-sex Union

what’s so bad about same-sex marriage, especially in today’s context? We have no choice in how we were born, inside and out. In the past, I know of gay friends that come in and out of relationships, putting their lifestyle to scrutiny. Not so different for heterosexuals, A-type males, and some females, on a ‘conquest’ to ‘score’. Sooner or later, these A-types meet their match and they eventually get married and settle down, some still continuing with their ‘conquering’ ways. C’mon guys, admit this, even if only to yourself.

However, there come an age where we all want stability, straight, gay or asexual. We seek a soulmate and hope it will last the course of our lifetime. We enter into a legal instrument called marriage to help make this a permanent arrangement, as much as 2 people can be together. Then, of course, come all the other taxable instruments, such as properties, income taxes, alimony and legal fees.

Last checked, such instruments do not spell out specifically on gender but on arrangements. You work, you pay tax, you buy a property, you pay tax, you make capital gains, you freaking pay tax. It doesn’t say that your sexual preference affect the amount you pay, even for married couples. Let’s get on with the changing society. Actually, same-sex marriage may even help in rejuvenating the economy. Think about it. But seriously, if we’re already accepting gays into our mainstream society, so why is it so difficult to accept their union made legal?

According to Hicksville, it means condoning bestiality, sodomy and all other unnatural forms of sex. Hicksville, listen up…these acts of  carnal insertion are mostly perpetuated by heterosexuals who want more ‘creative’ ways of intercourse, and because you’re tire of your cousins. Perhaps you think gay couples will bring up gay children? Newsflash y’all, you can’t CHOOSE to be gay or un-gay. I know of friends who ‘switch’ sides when the time come; straight men and women, all married and parented, and later confronted their own sexuality, and gay friends who eventually got married to the opposite sex.

But elsewhere, societal changes have brought this issue to light and while it is not for everyone, it is something we need to accept as a modern truth, if not for any other reasons other than a freedom to choose, a freedom of choice. An inalienable rights of human beings?

~ lty ~


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