Goals for 2012

Setting Goals

Dare I even contemplate setting goals for myself this year? To be honest, I’m quite done with resolutions, unless you’re talking about Retina display and iPad 3.

So what goals am I setting for myself? Being a rookie at goal setting, and I’ve never even made any kind of resolution before, my mind is filled with all kinds of ideas and notions. Hard goals or easy goals? Set a high bar or low bar? Going for the kill type or the holistic type? Seriously, it’s a lot harder than you think.

Ok, here goes:

Smoke less, breathe more (exercise); talk less, listen more; go out less, read more; idle less, write more; eat less meat, more veg; open my heart, learn to love again; sleep earlier, wake up earlier; adhere to a more regular schedule, adhere to regular meals; be kinder; be more humble; be more curious; watch a good movie a month; be more aware; be more spiritual; be less cynical, be more trusting; be less dependent, be more independent; be resolute, less sway; and last but not least, BeLief.

The Cycle – 1

Exactly 36 years ago, I began Grade 5 (Primary 5) with the worst-ever year of my grade school. I actually failed the year-end exams. Needless to say, I got the whooping of my life from my mom. Got grounded during the school hols, and started the new school year in trepidation. It ended well though, as I not only passed the year-end exams, I finished in the top-5 for my year.

Thirty six years later, it almost felt deja vu, as last year was a real shit year. If I had to grade it, I’d fail myself. 2011 was abysmal in that I really wasted on opportunities that were presented to me. I didn’t even come near the kind of potential that I had.

I don’t want to say this year is different, as it implies similarities but contrary to. I like to think of it as a reawakening. Hey, truth be told, have sort of been in a state of coma the last 2+ years, personally, and 4+ years, professionally. Time to come back from my vacation to the wilderness. Like 36 years ago, I started writing for the first time, and now, started again after a few years. A sign? Maybe but when 2013 rolls by, I’ll be on top of the world.

The Cycle – 2

Speaking of cycle, come 21 Dec this year, we’ll witness the end of, not the world, a very long cycle, according to the Maya Calendar, Bat’kun. It’s actually the end of the 13th cycle. Each of this cycle lasts 5,125 years and started on 3114 B.C.

Too many whino are predicting the end of the world come 21 Dec. For me, I know by the end of 21 Dec, I’ll see 22 Dec and preparing for Christmas and New Year celebration. I guess there’re lots happening this year. We have the London Olympics,European Cup, start of the Bat’kun 14 (Dec 22), amidst the backdrop of the whole Eurozone meltdown. Closer to home (Vietnam), we have the saga of the real estate and banking sectors to see unfolding. Yeah,I know, no wonder some people really will like to have Dec 21 as the day of reckoning. Sad.

Further away, like halfway around the globe, we have people actually planning for the coming of armageddon. You have underground bunkers built, stocking of food ration, even conversion to a 100% eco-styled sustenance farm in the backyard, with all the gears to survive a nuclear attack. Seriously, the Nat Geo Channel broadcasted it, in the documentary, 2012 – The End of the World.

As for me, regardless how things unfold, it is really not up to us. It is part of a bigger cosmic unfolding. If shit really happens, I’m sure it will be THE prettiest sight we’ve ever seen as we consume the last iota of air as we close our eyes on Dec 21…and then to wake up after with the knowledge of how wonderful this world actually is, to bear witness in this time of our existence the generosity of our Maker.