New World Order

Was chatting with a friend the other day and pondered the question, “Will government and the form of governing as what we know today be obsolete in a 100 years’ time?”

While a hundred years seem a long way off, we have survived 2 centuries, and the last century perhaps provided the greatest source of inventions and thoughts, and the last 20 years looked to propel us into another orbit of change and reinvention.

Facebook, LinkedIn, ASW, just some of the leaders in cyberspace’s social and business network sites. Collectively, there’re perhaps 400 million netizens on these 3 sites. Granted, there’re probably about 30% of repeat members on all sites, we’re still talking about at least 280 million unique netizens, and growing.

Then of course when you figure in Youtubers, Ustreamers and Tweeterers, the numbers are pretty staggering. the recent events this year highlighted how especially social networks have propelled the collapse of a few regimes, and looking to become the defecto People-power platform of choice.

Can regulators stop this? Sure, simply by shutting down the entire network but can they really stop it? Not likely, given our penchant for all things tech. The internet might be shut down but if you have mobile signal, the BB can do lots of message transfer. What about the iPhone and all android-based tablets?

In terms of mobilizing crowds, it can get real viral in a short time frame. Through social network platforms, we’re getting more informed on any given situation. How accurate are the information? Well…it’s debatable. Nonetheless, what we’re seeing now is better news reporting by the powers that be, CNN, BBC, etc. No longer it’s a slant but news reporting based on actual happenings.

What will this lead to? A new form of government that has to be totally accountable to the people that elect it. Is this a new world order? Perhaps. Will it be soon? Perhaps not but at least the future does look somewhat brighter. Knowledge is KING and Pauper, all at once.

Just rambling, don’t mind me.

Peace out!!!