Blogging from email

LOL….the converging world created by the internet pretty much limits us to our own chair and a laptop.

As I’m testing out direct blogging simply using my email, I’m still amazed that not too long ago (ok, quite a few years ago), we were actually putting ink to paper, and sticking a stamp on the envelope.

The advent of penpal negated even sticking a stamp on, and that was a huge step in written communication.

I cannot remember the last time I wrote a letter, and actually posting it at a post office, although I still remember writing daily letters to an ex who was living in LA and me in NY.

Now, we spend time texting, or sms-ing, chatting on skype, and posting notes on Facebook. I’m glad I went thru the whole gamut of seeing the disdain in using handphone, to having a numbered string as my email address, to creating domain with ust a few clicks, to even having a website without having to subscribe to anything.

And all these within a space of less than 20 years. My kid is going to grow up with all these technological advances and more, and much as I hate to admit it, she’ll be in a totally new and different world that we know of today.

So while I still have the ability to somewhat remain in this new world, I’ll simply take great joy in posting to my blog using email.

Peace out

TY Liu


The firsts

The many firsts that you gave to us, those were precious moments. Until today, your mom and I still talk about it. I remembered the very first time you smiled at me, that was a few minutes after you were born. And that first look when you opened your eyes.

Your mom heard our first laughter about 3 weeks ago, and I heard it just yesterday. These moments we don’t forget.

As you slowly blossom into the person that you are, we’ll be seeing lots of firsts, and they’ll all be in etched in our memories for far longer than that infinite moment. We’ll be eagerly looking forward to hearing your first word, whether it’s going to be ‘mama’ (I suspect it will) or ‘papa’. But which ever word it is, it’ll be the most precious word you’ll utter.

We’ll be seeing your first roll on the bed, or off the bed, we’ll be witnessing your step on your own. I can already imagine my own disbelief when I see you stand up by yourself, and subsequently probably falling down. Let’s hope it’s not too hard of a thud.

Further down the years, I’ll be walking you to your first class, and for you to introduce us your first friend, and perhaps not too distant a future, your first word written.

While all the photos that we took have been seen over and over again, it is still the first shot of you that forever will be the cover page.

It is often said the first thought is the truest and your many firsts are truly the truest of feelings that we have in witnessing them. It is of joy, bliss, power and humbleness. Thank you, my sweetie pie.

Peace Out
T.Y. Liu

Just That One

If I haven’t, have you?
If I didn’t, did you?
If I can’t, can you?
If I couldn’t, could you?
If I wouldn’t, would you?

Most, wait for a call
Some, wait for the call
Few, wait to be called
One, does the calling

Would you, when most wouldn’t
Could you, when most couldn’t
Have you, when most haven’t
Can you, when most can’t
And did you, when most didn’t

Most, would have waited
Some, could have waited
Few, can’t wait
One, just did

One gesture, one thought
One remembrance, one word
One deed, one lifetime
And that infinite One
Peace Out
T.Y. Liu